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Alcatel - Lucent VoIP - IP Communications

Alcatel - Lucent VoIP and Voice solutions help you optimize your existing network infrastructure, pave the way for a smooth transformation to next-generation networks and services, and bring new revenues using both proven services and new services that incorporate multimedia.


IP Telephony Solutions through ALCATEL OXE

Enhance employee productivity and reduce communication costs with feature-rich IP telephony solutions from Alcatel-Lucent. With our solutions, your staff can count on effective, unified communications no matter where they are.

Alcatel-Lucent scalable IP telephony solutions offer the same high-quality communications whether your enterprise has a few or 100,000 users. Our flexible architecture offers an unparalleled range of deployment options. Our wide range of resiliency tools minimizes costs and maximizes reliability.


Installed base

Centralize your IP system and reduce your maintenance costs with a converged voice and network infrastructure from Alcatel-Lucent. Our standards-based, hybrid architecture integrates easily into your existing infrastructure


Benefit from a global converged IP communications system from Alcatel-Lucent.

New site deployment

 Outfit your new site with IP communications and lower your overhead costs with a converged voice and network infrastructure from Alcatel-Lucent.


Advanced business telephony

Increase employee productivity and customer satisfaction with our dual-mode and specialized handsets, which have more than 500 business telephony features.

IP and TDM

Move from TDM to IP telephony at your own pace with a flexible communications system from Alcatel-Lucent.


Base solutions for mid-sized enterprises


We have a tailored solution to help you upgrade a legacy PBX (private branch exchange), start fresh at a new location or connect multiple sites.


Streamline inter-site and external communications to reduce costs and enhance your staff experience using our standards-based SIP solutions

IP transformation for small and medium businesses

Alcatel-Lucent draws on proven expertise in IP transformation to develop integrated, scalable solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.


IP Telephony Solutions through ALCATEL OXO

The management of your phone system will be drastically simplified which will result in saved time and money.

Some of the many benefits of using the Alcatel OmniPCX Office as an IP system are as follows:

The system supports a range of IP phones. Each phone has an IP address which identifies it to the system, and which ‘stays’ with the phone regardless of which network socket it is actually plugged in to.

Benefit – If users move desks they just take their phone with them and plug it in. No more costly telephone engineering visits. No more re-patching cables. Moves don’t need to be planned – all of this saves time, money and resources.

IP phones plug into a network socket on your LAN, rather than a dedicated phone socket.

Benefit – You only have one network to manage – your LAN, rather than your LAN and the phone system, saving time money and resources.

Each IP phone has two network connections allowing the pc users pc to connect to the phone and the phone to connect to the wall socket. This means that a pc and an IP phone can share the same network point. If you run out of LAN sockets in one location, you can use a minihub to connect IP phones and pcs together.

Benefit – Wherever there is a pc on the LAN you can also have a phone. You don’t need to do any expensive rewiring to add IP phones.

Larger offices often link their LAN together by backbones, typically using fibre optic cables. This might be between floors, or to connect in outbuildings. IP phones can work over such connections without the need for additional voice cabling.

Benefit –You are able to deploy IP phones where you have such a link but no existing phone connection, saving you money on avoiding additional cabling costs.

Mobile DECT IP phones can work over Alcatel WIFI Wireless Access Points. Moreover, if you have multiple access points, IP DECT phones can roam between them.

Benefit – You can provide telephony in areas where you don’t have any sockets but use WIFI instead. And you use the same cost effective infrastructure for WIFI voice and data.

IP is more scalable. Traditional digital telephones need to run off line boards, which have to be installed into the phone system cabinet. IP phones don’t use such boards: instead each IP phone just needs an IP user license, to a maximum of 250 users.

Benefit - This makes the system truly scalable. You don’t have to leave room for physical expansion, because there is no more hardware required.

Adding users is a matter of purchasing licenses and IP phones. Unlike traditional telephony, you don’t need more hardware. Once ordered, we can download the new licenses remotely and ship you the new IP phones, which just need to be plugged in. The phones then find the DHCP server on the Alcatel, and auto set themselves up.

Benefit - Upgrades don’t need additional hardware or engineer visits saving you much money. In addition, we can deliver both IP phones and software licenses rapidly (next day), meaning that not so much planning needs to be done. In all adding on to your IP system saves vast amounts of time and money, when compared with traditional telephony.

IP phones in other offices and those used by homeworkers can all be managed from one location. You can edit users and change their profiles from the central location.

Benefit – Easier network management, which saves time, money and resources.


Link up your offices with a broadband VPN (or other link) and get free calls between them

Connect 2 or more Alcatel OmniPCX Office VoIP phone systems via a private leased line or the Internet. Each site exists in its own right with its own telephone lines, voice mail, extensions, etc. However, all voice communication between sites utilises VoIP thus making inter-site calls free.

Whatever the connection method, OmniPCX Office offers ISDN Overflow and back-up mechanism as an option to ensure that calls pass through with good voice quality.

This solution is ideal for companies with multiple offices that need to communicate with one another regularly. You can also deploy a single IP connection for both voice and data traffic.

Link up homeworkers or mobile travellers to your company via a broadband VPN and get free calls between them.

You can connect individual remote workers to the main office via a broadband connection. This method can also be used to connect a smaller satellite office rather than supply them with their own separate telephony system. With IP Telephony every user is connected to the main system, with all the features and functions available to them, such as voice mail and system speed dials. Home workers can make their business calls via the office system, thus removing the need to submit bills every month. Furthermore, colleagues in the office have full visibility of a IP user’s status; free, busy, diverted to voicemail, etc.

If you have mobile workers, we can supply phone software for a laptop which when a headset is connected, will work as a telephone. The mobile worker just needs an internet connection (such as WIFI in a hotel) to establish a link back to the main office and then can make and receive calls over the internet connection FOC from the office phone system.

This is particularly useful for workers who spend time overseas, because the costs of expensive international mobile phone calls is avoided.


You could be using Alcatel’s IP WIFI phones to provide contactability for people on the move within your offices. These use Alcatel’s Wireless Access Points and your existing LAN infrastructure to connect with other phone users on the Alcatel OmniPCX office VOIP phone system and the outside world. If you have multiple Wireless Access Points, you can roam around the office, staying connected to the same call.

You get the additional benefit of being able to use the same WIFI access points for data, as well as voice.

The next generation of GSM mobiles can support WIFI. This should mean that if you have wireless access points on your LAN, and an IP phone system, a WIFI GSM phone should be able to work as a WIFI extension in the office, and revert to a GSM when it goes out of range. This will represent a neat and cost effective solution to in office and out of office mobility.


The Alcatel VOIP handsets support XML, which is an industry standard programming language which will allow XML developers to deliver additional functionality outside of what is provided ‘out of the box’ from Alcatel.

Alcatel have already delivered the following XML applications, which are available as separate add on software licenses:

- QuickSMS - the ability to send and receive SMS messages anywhere around the world from an XML office telephone handset.

- ShortEmail - the ability to send and receive emails from an XML telephone handset. Ideal for situations where a PC is unsuitable.

- XPOP - the ability to extract information based on the incoming CLI, from any one of 5 contact management databases and display it on an XML handset

- IPSpy - shows how surveillance cameras can be linked to an XML handset with door opening capability and two-way voice.

- SubDealerboard - is a financial application that emulates in software, what a telephone turret does in hardware, in a dealer room

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