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Auto-Attendant _ ALCATEL OmniPCX Office

Alcatel OmniPCX Office Call Server provides a state-of-the-art company telephone greeting service for callers. Each Reflexes user is provided with voice mail service and a personal assistant. The sophisticated company-level greeting system has been designed to distinguish between different types of callers. Calls can be routed to pre-defined Reflexes terminals or workgroups. When there is no reply, calls can be diverted to an automatic attendant or to another site. In short, everything is done to make telephones not just smart, but also user friendly.

Embedded Personal Assistant

The Personal Assistant allows an employee who is away from his or her desk to offer callers up to five alternate destinations: voicemail, GSM number, external number, internal number (secretary), or operator. This flexible call re-routing function is pre-configured and very easy to manage. The personal assistant can be activated and customized remotely.



How callers are greeted reflects your company's professionalism. The call server provides various greeting features to welcome callers.

Greetings can be individual or programmed on a group or company level

Up to eight greeting messages can be created

Greeting messages can vary with the time of day (lunchtime, opening hours, etc.) and the importance of the call

Fax messages are automatically detected



Auto-Attendant & Voice mail_ ALCATEL OmniPCX Enterprise

Alcatel-Lucent 4645 Voice Messaging Service


The Alcatel-Lucent 4645 delivers a wide array of features designed to offer improved customer greetings that are adapted to the situation (e.g., called party absent, busy signal, etc.)

Software-based solution that runs on a standard server (IBM appliance server or Alcatel-Lucent Communications Servers) Multilingual soft keys guidance and voice prompts  

Personalized mailboxes Dial-by-name & record-on-line  

One number - ubiquity services  

Hotel (check in/out, wake up, etc.)  

Centralized solution for multi-site companies  

VPIM standard for interworking with external voice messaging systems  

Creates the basis for the next-generation Unified Communications applications suite        


Alcatel-Lucent 4635 Voice Messaging Service  


Flexible individual greetings  

 Record and fax managers; automated attendant manager  

Universal access via web client  

Helpful message-sending options  

Convenient and secure message viewing            



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